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The Mammoth

An Original Expressionistic Impressionist Painting by JET III circa 1987-89

The Mammoth

The This is an original JET III reversible oil on hardwood plywood panel with slotted integral solid poplar hand-painted frame and measures 23" x 35" in size. This artwork was done with the highest quality oil paint in the late 1980's. Side one is "The Mammoth" a two-color JET abstract landscape with a hidden extinct elephant. It has been listed separately from the other side, which features JET Painting circa 1987-89 in a Brooklyn Apartment, which was painted in front of a television set.

This artwork was done with the highest quality oil paint in the late 1980's. With a JET Reversible painting such as this one, you get two great artworks for the same price and you can turn it around for a change of pace. You can purchase either example JET Painting or The Mammoth, as you will get both paintings.

This original JET III oil on wood was done in Brooklyn from 1987-89. JET loved going to the major art museums and to all the many galleries around the city.

Upon inspection up close, "The Mammoth" has a certain looseness and freedom of brushstrokes that makes it truly wonderful and ahead (or behind) it's time. "I found that I really loved seeing Impressionism and Post Impressionism, but wanted to also invent something really modern and original myself. I came up with Reversible Art. I had already come up with the idea of painting with the "Dots" and "Impressionistically", here in The Mammoth I added in Expressionistic qualities and environmentalism, as well."

JET III Registered Trademark